The presence of our company on the market has been noticed

The presence of our company on the market has been noticed and interestingly described in the article of ANGORA weekly magazine no. 22 (30th May 2021) in the DOBRE, BO POLSKIE (GOOD, BECAUSE POLISH) section. The article describes the company’s activities and its collaboration with translators and various clients. It also tells the story of the company’s establishment in 2002, the origins of its name and future prospects. The article features an interview with Mr Maciej Grubel – the company’s president and founder – who talks about surprising facts related to the activities of the translation agency in the past and at present. This is an interesting retrospective of how the Polish translation industry operated at a time when the Internet and business relationships with foreign clients were not yet so common. There is also interesting general information about the translation industry and the history of the translation profession, which goes back five thousand years. We highly recommend reading this interesting article!!




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