Top-quality specialised translations. Precision, timeliness and confidentiality are the main factors that distinguish us from our competitors.

20 years of experience in the translation market, crowned with a number of successes and confirmed by feedback of satisfied customers.

Complex multilingual assignments of varying scales (from a few hundred to thousands of pages) for national and international customers, all in compliance with ISO 17100 international quality standard.

translated pages

business customers


Speed and timeliness


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Speed and timeliness

We are aware that most of the orders we accept should be “ready by yesterday”. We understand our customers’ needs very well, which is why we are on hand to provide a quick quotation for the service and, upon acceptance of the terms, to start translating immediately. We have the right tools to optimise the translation process, while maintaining its quality. The whole process is supervised by a team of dedicated experts. Thanks to the procedures developed over the years, the customer receives a specific deadline for the completion of the work.

Security and confidentiality


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Security and confidentiality

As part of our services, we ensure full confidentiality and security of the information provided to us. In addition, when preparing certified translations, we are obliged to comply with specific legal procedures.
Each document prepared by us will be properly stamped, registered and delivered to the customer.

Precision and quality


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Precision and quality

Depending on the level of sophistication of the service, we engage a number of specialists to work on a particular project, from translators to proofreaders and content consultants. We always analyse the type of translation and select a team with adequate competence and knowledge in the field of a particular order.
Interpretation is carried out by carefully selected specialists in this sector. We are aware of the fact that, during a conference or a high-level business meeting, even the smallest detail can affect the essence of the message, which is why we guarantee the services of interpreters with many years of experience and high interpersonal skills, who consistently take care of their own development.

Specialist tools


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Specialist tools

We keep with the times and the ever-changing trends, but we do not lose our identity, which we have developed over 20 years of operation. We use the state-of-the art technology to provide customers with top-notch translations. Our systems create a so-called translation memory, which makes it possible to maintain terminological consistency across extensive projects and automatically speeds up the entire translation process.

ITAMAR Group is a team of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience, who perfectly know the specifics of the industry and the needs of their customers.

Company is
a unique partner
for your business.

We always put our partner’s interests first. We strictly abide by the standards set by the ISO 17100 certificate for translation services and we fully respect the rules set by the Code of Good Practice of the Polish Association of Translation Agencies. We serve business and institutional customers. Our portfolio includes several hundred translations for foreign and international translation agencies.

20 years

7000 customers
from all over the world
60% domestic customers
40% foreign

New order
every 8 minutes
The scale of our company and the optimisation we have implemented ensures great efficiency.

62,5 pages
per hour
We translate more than 10,000 pages per month.

Cost optimisation

We optimize
translation costs thanks to CAT tools
– even 40% cheaper

Transparent form of settlements
The service is priced against the source text and not the target text, which is still the practice in many agencies. Thanks to this approach to settlement, the customer knows the price before making the decision to cooperate with us and does not have to face any unpleasant surprises due to fees paid after the translation has been completed.

Worldwide coverage

Over 550 translations
for foreign translation agencies

ISO 17100
We operate in accordance with international standards for translation services.

Global corporations We serve major companies around the world.


Translation assistance technology:
a real revolution

We have access to the state-of-the-art technology, that greatly enhances the translation process. Using CAT tools, we strengthen the consistency of translations, reduce processing time and, most importantly, save customers’ money.

adequat adéquat adecuado

emessene 足够的 مناسب


Translation of websites, applications, user manuals


Creation of translation memories to maintain terminological consistency within the project


When receiving a translation, the customer is not always
able to verify its accuracy. It takes …trust

…and trust is built
by the provided guarantees.



Each of our translations is thoroughly analysed for compliance with the international standard for translation services – ISO 17100 – and the Code of Good Practice of the Polish Association of Translation Agencies. Moreover, texts are properly edited and checked for linguistic and factual correctness.



The costs of the service are presented based on the source content before the order is placed. In case of long-term cooperation, we can guarantee attractive rates for an extended time.



We meet our declared deadlines for completing the works and, in fact, 90% of them are delivered ahead of schedule.



We make every effort to ensure that the service level of our agency is as high as possible. Competent staff, access to the latest technology and experience gained over 20 years are the recipe for our success.




Our work is based on contracts, whose confidentiality provisions have been refined over the years. In addition, we have a sufficiently developed infrastructure and a tightly secured IT network.



We hold a general liability insurance policy for translation agencies.


who trust us:

  • All
  • Universities and research institutes
  • IT, systems and software
  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Electronics and automation
  • Power generation and heating
  • Finance, business, insurance
  • Makeup and fashion
  • Metallurgy and mining
  • Automotive, transport
  • Environmental protection
  • Production and distribution of machines and tools
  • Production of materials
  • Pet products
  • Construction industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Entertainment
  • Commercial sector
  • Food sector
  • Computer hardware and consumer electronics
  • Tourism, hotel industry
  • Offices and institutions
  • Interiors and fixtures
  • Publishing

When placing my order, I was just hoping for a quick turnaround. It turned out, I received a professional service, substantive support and a good price in the package. It not only meets expectations, but even exceeds them.



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